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Download AndroDumpper (WPS Connect) for PC, WINDOWS, MAC

When using smartphones or some smart devices, laptop, they, sometimes, are useless without connecting to the Internet. The fact that, when we open laptop, PC, I am sure that all of the users often come to Google or some other websites for many purposes of using. Therefore, without the Internet, these devices lose their value.

Nowadays, Wifi becomes more and more popular and connecting with the internet is not a big problem. However, how to solve the problem of password Wifi? The app, today, I would like to introduce will help you to fix this problem and enjoy more connecting Internet with unlimited connections, which called AndroDumpper. It is very good and suitable for devices which have WPS vulnerability using some algorithms to connect the WIFI. No assurance of hacking in all religions or any routers that you don’t have right to access, but this app will be the best supporting tool for you.

Some basic knowledge about AndroDumpper for PC

AndroDumpper is an Android app used to connect WPS enable Wifi easily, which has algorithms built on it in order to allow getting into all hidden Wifi Routers connections. In other words, with some connection, we can crack hidden networks with this small app. With the small size 4MB only, this app allows your devices to connect flexible and quickly with Wifi address available.

One special characteristic of this app is that it doesn’t require to rooting smartphone. If you are using Android 5 or higher, this app is very convenient and friendly with users. For Android 4.4 and earlier, you must root your phone before using this app or it will not run.

Anyway, whatever version of Android you are using, you still get benefits and optimize this app effectively.

Download AndroDumpper (WPS Connect) for PC(Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10)

androdumpper download free

Get AndroDumper for  PC 1.89 2016 updates latest version. Download AndroDumper for PC, laptop – it is available for you to install and use on PC. With a wider screen, certainly, you will have more interesting experiences with this app. Moreover, when using this app, PC easily access other WIFI networks without getting any trouble of password or Router Pins.

Before download Androdumpper for Laptop/ PC, check to make sure that your system has Android Emulators like Bluestacks, Andy, Arc Welder, so on, Most of these emulators are free of cost, and safe, so feel free and confident while using them. Follow these steps to get an Android Emulator for your PC:

  1. Google search for Android Emulator and choose one of them to download
  2. Install this program and open
  3. Log in with your Google Account
  4. Search Androdumpper and install as usual.

Google provides Andy emulators with many choices for download such as Andy apk free, Andy app free download, Andy for PC/ios/windows.

With Bluestack, I prefer this emulator and also use it for my PC. This emulator is free and available on the official website of Bluestack is a powerful tool supporting playing any Android game and App on PC.

After owning an Android Emulator for PC, installing Androdumpper is very easy, do step by step to install this wonderful app successfully:

  1. Open your Android emulator: Bluestack, Andy, so on.
  2. Search for Androdumpper and install
  3. Open that app and use.

How to use this app will be introduced more below at this article.

Certainly, after some minutes of installing Androdumpper, you will own a powerful tool supporting connecting Internet trouble. Now, it doesn’t matter when you try to connect with a new wifi spot for both Smartphone and PC. Is it so easy and convenient?

For anyone who wants to install Androidumpper apk, it is also very available at some source of apk file, choose one which is reliable to install and use. Androdumpper apk allows users to install this app for Android devices without going and installing app from Google play on that devices. Moreover, it also allows installing many devices at a short time and with as many times as you want. With installing Androdumpper apk, these guidelines may be useful for you:

        Download androdumpper apk for PC

        Transfer this file to other devices

        Open and install androdumpper as usual

Remember that before installing any app outside Google play, you need go to setting and allow installing apps outside google source. Don’t mind whether this way is safe or not because there is a million of people in the world are using this way. It is also an intelligent way for smartphone or devices which Google play has problem or don’t have available access to the internet.


What are awesome features of this app – Androdumpper

As a powerful tool for connecting wifi, what are the typical features of this app? The answer to this question, we will talk about the problem we often get while connecting wifi before. It takes for granted that at least one time you have got the trouble with connecting Wifi. Is that right? What did you do at that time? I am sure that you will a little disappointed. Now, it is not the matter anymore. Let Androdumpper fix it for you. With updated version 1.89, some new features are added:

        More and more routers and algorithms

        Support for more Huawei, Vodafone, Asus, D-link routers

        Bug fix.

If your device is Android 5 and up, using this app is much easier. For Android 4 and earlier, as I have said above, we need to root our device then you can show passwords for your current saved networks, just go to Menu then choose (saved network). In addition, you can make use of this app to connect and get the password using your PIN.

One reminds for any Android version is that if you don’t root, the password cannot be shown. Therefore, for Android 5 and up, if you are not rooted, you still can use this app, but can’t show the pass.

How to use Androdumpper app for PC

After installing Androdumpper app, you just need to use to connect your devices with the Internet. Here are some guidelines which you can follow to make use of this app successfully:

        First, enable your Wifi on Android device: to connect Wifi, choose one connection which is the most available and stable to have the best experience with the Internet connection.

        Second, open Androdumpper app: if on PC, open Android Emulator and open Androdumpper.

        Third, scan for Wifi connects and check to show all networks. All the networks are available and shown, you can only connect to a WPS enable network.

how to use androdumpper

        Fourth, look for a WPS enabled network, then try to connect it.

        Fifth, choose: rooted or non-rooted. For android 5 and up, it is up to you, for android 4 and earlier: rooted to use.

androdumpper apk

        Next, choose “try with”, custom or no custom PIN; for rooted user: bruteforce

androdumpper wps

        Finally, when your device tries to connect to the network, the network details will be shown soon: password. Copy that pass and connect to that network.

Follow these steps will help to connect to WPS in the almost situation of stable networks. I strongly recommend you to read the guideline above carefully to make use of this powerful app successfully.

Some other apps for hacking WPS

When searching google for apps wifi hacker available for android devices. Clearly, most of the apps enable to crack WEP, WPA, wpa2 security. However, some of them are fake or outdated. Here I will suggest 3 best apps:

  1. Androdumpper.
  2. Router Keygen: this app is a basic Wifi hacker app which will recover your default password for your router. However, it does not allow connect to new networks with advantageous like Androdumpper.
  3. Pullwifi: this app is recommended a trusted app for users. However, this app also has limited capability to crack passwords. It allows hacking Jazztel, WLAN and some types of D_Link, but it doesn’t support various devices like Androdumpper.

Certainly, for each purpose of using, you will choose to use a suitable app for your device. Personal opinion, Androdumpper still shows more benefits and advantage for users.

What do users say about Androdumpper?

Before choosing to install an app, I often come and read reviews and feedback from other users. Based on them, I can have an objective outlook before using the app. I am sure that some of you have the same opinion as me. Now, Let’s overview some reviews on Google play for this app:

“Full star 5. Full star 5 thx so much.sir plz add more pin and letters * and # and a to z letters. This version 1.84 not hack any wifi properly sir plz resolve the problem”

Or “so. Usefully app….. Try it now and then you can get a good amount of money to pay for the loan and the amount of money you have to pay for the car insurance on line of credit card debt is a good thing to do with the fact that I am not sure if you are interested in the position of the position and the position of the company and the company is a great company for a great price for the new year of the world of the world and the world of the world and the world of the world and the world of the world”

However, some bad reviews still exist for Androdumpper. Undeniably, nothing is perfect, however, this app still gets more than 5000000 of installations. This is quite surprisingly, isn’t it?

By the way, I would like to introduce some PIN which developers are willing to share with all users:

“100 Pins:

500 Pins:

1000 Pins:

5000 Pins:

10000 Pins:

50000 Pins:

100000 Pins:

500000 Pins:

1000000 Pins:

5000000 Pins:

cited from Google play.

Here is some source of information which you can consult for more detail while using this app:

  1. The Androdumpper Official Blog:
  2. Androdumpper Facebook official page:

To download Androdunpper, Google play are available or here – in

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