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You love quiz games and creation, you want to improve and raise your brain capability, the game called Brain it on is exactly for you. Brain it on allows you to play free in your way to find the solutions in many different levels. Free to draw as long as you can overcome the physical problems on the screen. Moreover, playing this game also brings about many new and interesting experiences as well as avoiding bored, familiar features like others. This game, certainly, gets out exciting minutes to players in over the world.

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Download the latest version of Brain It On for PC FREELY

In this writing, I would like to introduce to you download free Brain It on  PC

Many of users get bored with playing on Smartphone or its screen is not big enough, playing on PC will be a better choice for them. Certainly, Game’s features are not changed when we play on PC. It means that you still enjoy playing the game with a bigger screen. Initially, it is game for Android users but now, PC and Laptop are also available. After some minutes of installing, you are free to enjoy and experience this game on a wider screen display instead of sticking out on smartphone or tablet. Brain It On for PC (Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1)/Mac is the best physics puzzles for PC/Laptop. This game is not as easy as it looks, so you need to brainstorm and draw suitable lines and shapes to solve the problem. This is your chance to experience better and more vibrant color plus a greater way to navigate by hovering your mouse.

Therefore, today, I would like to guide all of you how to download this wonderful game for PC. It takes for granted that this game doesn’t have the official version on PC, so you need a help tool for this which is known as emulator software.

How to download Brain It On for PC (windows XP/7/8/8.1/10)

If you are familiar with using one Android emulator software like Bluestack, Amidous, and so on, installing this game is as easy as taking candy from a baby.

If your PC is available for these emulators, you just need to:

  1. Open the software and search Brain It On
  2. Conduct to install as usual.
  3. Open and enjoy the game.

It is the same for you to use AmiDuos Is it easy? After some minutes, you own a game with high IQ of raising brain function.

Don’t worry if your PC doesn’t have Bluestack or Amidous, you just need more than four steps before three steps above:

  1. Download Bluestack/ AmiDous for PC.
  2. Open and run that software.
  3. Login with Google account to enjoy the Google Play on your PC.
  4. Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Brain It On download

How to download Brain It on for Mac/iOS

 Besides downloading Bluestack, AmiDous for windows, you can download Genymotion for your Mac devices. With the same features like other emulators, you can free to enjoy games like on your phone. This software is the best choice for PC/laptop on MacOS.

Note: you just need to follow the same guideline for Bluestack and AmiDous to get Geymotion and Brain It on for your MAC.

I am sure that now, some of you are wondering whether there is another way to download Brain It on free. The answer is YES. You can free to download apk file for Brain It on and install it on your PC if bluestack is available, or to install for many other smartphone devices as you wish.

So, how to download Brain It On apk for PC? It is also very easy. Take it as a piece of cake. Follow these steps to help you install successfully.

  1. Come to download Brain It on for PC
  2. Open that apk file and install
  3. Open and enjoy the game.

It allows you to play on PC if your PC is available emulator software. So, remember to install it.

For individuals who want to install for Android devices at the same time without coming to Google Play on phone, copy that apk file and accept to install. Then open that app and play as usual.

It is more and more easier to download Brain It on windows phone.  Hope you soon find it interesting.

If you have any problem while downloading this game, contact with me for more support, I am willing to share knowledge and help to other users.

Why do you should install Brain It on?

I strongly recommend this game for you as a good game for improving brain function as well as the rich content of entertainment, grow the patience for players. While playing Brain It on, you are free to enjoy some awesome features of this game:

  • Hundreds of brain busting physical puzzles: you have a rich choice of types of the game while experiencing Brain It on.
  • Regularly updated: certainly, nowhere can you find the enthusiasm of developer as on this game. Its updates show its attraction to players regularly.
  • Compete with friends: this is the advantage for you to compete for brain your friends through difficult levels of the game.
  • Multi-way to resolve the problem: the game doesn’t have the fixed answer to its requirement, so players could feel free to find the fittest solution with a various shape drawn.
  • Share the solution and compare with friends’ results: you can improve and share your knowledge with your friends.


Everything on Brain It on is free if you know how to get it. For this game, the first five levels are free to experience, however, for the next level, if you didn’t get three stars, you can’t open the level 6. In that case, you need to buy puzzle packs to unlock them right after. However, from my personal point of view, trying to collect stars is more interesting and challenging to your brain. For the price of free, there’s nothing to lose but your nerve.

You don’t need to spend much money if you are able to beat the challenge. 8 levels are for solving and 60 levels are waiting for you to unlock. Up to now, for each level. If you can’t found the way to solve it, you can consult the guideline from the previous players via YouTube. Certainly, there are numerous ways to solve each level, the game requires each player to brainstorm and it is a skill needed.

If you want to restart, you could do a quick round back but make sure that you are right and it doesn’t waste time.

It is also a good news that developer adds some tips to unlock each level which uses hints. If you are willing to pay $4/hint, you will get through that level and access to the next one. However, it is not challenging to our brain as we wish while playing this game. Is it?

The further you go, the more difficult you get. After each level, the difficulty increases, too. After each level, you can have some new elements to add which requires players to learn how to make use of. My suggestion is that you must be patient and keep enthusiasm to play this game. By the way, improve one person’s patience is also a good function of this game. You have to work on as many tips as possible to find solutions.

Among the numerous of game related to weapons and strategy, Brain It on promises to be the refreshing game for anyone to use. It is really helpful for children to grow their thinking as well as adults’ brain.

For me, I nearly gave up after getting some difficulties at level 5. I feel a little dumbed for it. However, it also hooked me to try to find the solution. As you know, each level starts with an objective shown on the screen like “draw a shape” or “place the ball on the orange box”, so on. Your duty is to use a finger to draw on the screen. Certainly, it is more fun and difficult when using the mouse while playing on PC. Remember that whatever you draw will become a solid object which interacts with its surroundings. The only way you can guide these balls is by drawing other shapes or lines to cause a reaction and help you to achieve your goal.

What did they say about Brain It on?

 With more than 10 million of installation after one year of publishing, this game has been getting both bad and good feedback. Nothing is perfect, so this game has shortcomings. I collected some reviews from Google Play for this game and share here with all of you as a base for the decision to install this app. In other words, they are Brain It On Reviews from real users in this earth with different level of knowledge and intelligence.

  • Mild Blowing:  “Awesome, keeps me occupied for hours trying to solve the puzzles. When I find one that is just impossible, I just return the next day and just keep trying to get it sorted. Well, worth buying.”
  • Kalia Lor: “This game app is awesome! I was looking for a brain game and decided to try this. Now my kids and I are hooked. No ads and it is designed to keep you thinking harder and harder. One of the best brain game app out there.”
  • Rhodri Tippett: “Really good fun game, have wasted far too much time on it already, I really liked the way they have worked in the adverts to the game to keep it free.”

This game is really a good choice for fans of quiz games. However, the game still gets the bad review. For instance, one of the users complains about spending money for unlocking a new level. Personally, if you aren’t willing to pay, why don’t you try to solve the challenge? It is more worthy for both players and developers. Another bad point of this app is adding much advertisement. Any developer wants to get profit and adverting on their app is unavoidable. Therefore, keep patient while seeing these ads. Enjoying entertainment and useful content of that game are deserved to keep you stay.

Some guidelines for first 10 levels

brain it on tips for player


Brain It On Solutions 

Level        Solutions (Hints)

Level 1     Just makes any shape.

Level 2     make a line from right side to slide and hit the ball, move towards the left wall.

Level 3     Make something in right side

Level 4     Make a hook and a heavy lode outside

Level 5     Make a line from left that can slide and hit the bills

Level 6     Make a horizontal line with a slop over big box and a dot

Level 7     Make a line Curved towards right that it will fall and one end will be in the glass

Level 8     Draw all over the ball and make a line with a heavy lode

Level 9     Drop an object so it will stick on one side and overturn the bowl

Level 10   hold the cap and make a long line with a heavy lode on top

They are some guidelines which I collected from my experiences and others. Hope you enjoy it.

As the last words, I hope you will this article is useful for you. You can comment on any suggestion or feedback below this post. One more time, hope you find the awesome games and enjoy its value. After spending just a few minutes of installing Brain it on game download for pc, windows, IOS, android, you will have the best experience ever with this unique type of game.

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