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As you know, with the development of technology, we can keep track of more and more things than ever. When we work for a company, we can still keep an eye on home. Today, I would like to talk about an app which works as supervisors at your devices called Xmeye. If you are caring about the camera and supervising, this article will be a useful information for you. Download Xmeye for PC

Xmeye is an app which allows connecting to camera via ID to show the images in your devices clearly. This app is available and useful for a smartphone, IPad, Tab and both PC.

What is new in Xmeye app for PC?

Xmeye promises to be the powerful tool which helps us to keep track of houses through this small tool. It allows connecting with your Camera via Camera ID and then users can watch images and video on smart devices available for this app such as a smartphone, Laptop, PC, Tab, IPad, so on. Famous for cloud technology, Xmeye is video monitoring software for IPC and DVR. Just by logging in this app with the device’s serial number, it shows the live view monitoring video to your Android devices and does operation accordingly.

Today, I would like to introduce to you this app because of its features and functions said later. Certainly, you will find it useful and interesting, even outstanding than many other apps and devices you have ever used or heard before.

Download Xmeye for PC/ Windows

Before thinking about installing this app, make sure that you are having an active camera and its ID which has the Internet connection.

If you have the camera available, follow these steps to own this wonderful app for your devices.

xmeye on window

If your PC/laptop has an emulator software, installing this app is too easy as take candy from a baby. Maybe you have known that Android emulator is a software which helps your computer play apps like an Android devices. In fact, there are a lot of emulators for you to choose such as Bluestack, Andy, Geny, so on.

These emulators are available and free for you to install. Personally, I recommend Bluestack to you. It is very easy to use and download just through three steps:

  1. Download bluestack, Andy, Geny.
  2. Run that software, open it.
  3. Login with your Google account, and then search for any app through search tool like Google play on your other android devices.

It is the same for your mac, which allows you to download apps from Itunes.

Skip these above steps if your PC has an emulator, owning Xmeye doesn’t take times with three steps:

  1. Open emulator (bluestack, andy) and search for Xmeye.
  2. Install that app
  3. Open to enjoy its awesome features.

Remember that this way just supports if bluestack or Andy is available on your computer. If you doesn’t have and still want to experience, consult this way as the best one for owning it: download Xmeye for PC easily with Xmeye apk file.

Xmeye apk for PC is a file which helps you to install this app for PC without going to Google play or connecting with the Internet, if you are owning Xmeye apk file, you can install this app for many android devices as you wish, which saves time a lot. Here are some steps that provide basic knowledge of getting Xmeye for PC:

        Download Xmeye for PC.

        Debug your Android devices with your computer/ PC.

        Transfer the file you have download to your devices.

        Open that file on android devices and install.

NOTE: your devices may not accept this installation, so, come to the setting and set allowing installing outside Google play. It doesn’t take time, I make sure about it.

After installing this app, some of you will find it difficult to use, don’t worry, after reading this article, certainly, you will have a comprehensive understanding about this app and know how to make use of it efficiently.

Usage of Xmeye for PC

When opening this app, a window box open requires you to log in, if you don’t have any account, registering is supported. Read carefully these guidelines to master this app:

  1. Register user: fill the user name which you will use to log-in, passwords as you want, and email.register xmeye account
  2. Finishing this filling by clicking OKregister xmeye account
  3. Continue to log in with that account.
  4. Add your wished devices by clicking to the “+” button on the right side.
  5. Next, choose the manually add as you wished, device name, and serial nums.
  6. Next, fill the address and ID of your camera.add devices in xmeye

At “ID” field, if you haven’t had ID, consult here.

At “Port HTTP”, don’t fill anything

At “name” field, type “admin” as default.

At” password” field, type the password of your device

7.  Ok to finish this process of adding a new device.

Next step is related to Wi-Fi configuration:

  Find your available Wi-Fi, come to wifi config, put click to all 1, 2, 3 and 4 as the image below and wait for 2 minutes.

This app supports two setting quality of video including HD & SD, so it is free for you to choose the suitable one which provides the best videos, however, it is up to the strength of connecting the Internet and your purpose of using.

       Moreover, this software also supports calling and making records. You are free to use these features which depends on your purpose and your satisfaction with this app.

         Certainly, it just takes you some minutes at the first steps of logging in and registering and then you will feel so excited and satisfied with using this app.

Awesome features

     With the main function of supporting monitoring, Xmeye for PC makes users appreciate it because of some outstanding features listed below:

     Support log in with cloud technology: undeniable, this app is famous and smart with this modern technology which is overcome many other apps in the same field.

    Support real time live review: after setting the time for this app Xmeye and your Camera at real time, you can monitor and get real videos at the real time, which increases its security and accuracy.

     Support remote playback, local recording and play: you can play it as you wish, playback or pause up to your purpose.

     Support snapshot and pictures searching, bidirectional talk.

     Support PTZ control, scanning serial number by QR code.

    Support users to register and modify.

    Support edit, delete both remote and local device.

    Allow adding devices by address, search device in LAN.

    Support searching by shake to device function

     Updated versions are supported automatically: you are free to use and experience the latest versions as well as features when you own this app. The developers pay much concern to take care and develop this app more completely.

Rating and reviews

      Rating and reviews also are the significantly important factor which contributes to the success of an app. Come to see some basic information which I collected from Google Play for this app:

        Now, the total installation for this app is more than 1000000 with the version 2.0.8. Undeniably, with the app like this, Xmeye is really a famous and successful app for users in over the world. Download Xmeye for PC and you will experience awesome features of this app which millions of users are getting.

     When seeing the ratings, this app show its attractiveness and usefulness with more than 6000 voting 5 stars to evaluate this app.

     Let’s see some reviews and hear what they say about this Xmeye:

“Perfect. Good job remember. It won’t work if u got ur phone on Wi-Fi an ur phones not connect to it. A put it on. Video main stream. A mine works perfectly. chrisp video”

“This is a good app for check security cameras”


Xmeye app still exists some problem and here is some suggestion which I collected and wrote here to share with all of you. Hope that you will have the best experience with this app.

  1. The problem of time:     some people have the problem with getting the videos with real time. In fact, it is not a big problem, you are entirely able to fix it, come to the setting, choose the real time, remember that time is set at the same time for both Xmeye and Camera to get accurate videos.
  2. Problem while registering:     to fix this problem, make sure that your device is connected to the Internet, the username is unique and the Internet network is stable,
  3. Error 11307 or 10005:     to fix this problem, check your device to make sure that your device has available space for this app, whether appropriate with this software or not. Besides, check whether your device installs virus program or not, the Internet connection, or using other monitoring devices.

If everything is ok, come to reset your device and continue to install as usual.

Remember to install the right Xmeye, don’t be confused with other apps.

4. “Why can’t I see the video when I am out of home?” for this question, make sure that your devices are being in the steady connection of the Internet, including both your devices and your Camera. Warning that videos show a worse quality and unsteady transferring when you using the connecting Internet not Wi-Fi because it is not strong enough to provide this software run perfectly.

      They are some common problem users could meet while using this app, hope you soon experience this app without any problem or fixing this app successfully.

This app is available on Google play and Itunes,

Feel free to download Xmeye for PC and experience it.

Download Xmeye app in

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