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Download Thuglife video maker for PC

You’re bored with making video seriously and want to make something more fun which expresses your characteristics, the app “Thuglife maker video” will be the best choice for you. Now, it is time you made it in your thug way with this app. More and more the coolest Thug Life Videos with tons of stickers, gangsta songs, cool effects are for you to free create. Wake up yourself and show with other people who you are with this fun app.

Certainly, after some minutes of installing and making Thuglife videos with this app, you will own the funniest and coolest videos ever.

thuglife for pc

Download the latest version Thug Life video maker

After a short time, just a few months of releasing, this app has been getting more than 2 million of installation. This means that Thug Life video maker has a good attraction to users. Now, let’s talk about news in the latest versions 2.1.0 and 2.2.0.

V2.2.0: this version has fixed the issues with Android 6, which allows you to free to experience more at devices such as LG G4, Samsung Galaxy s7, so on.

V2.1.0: using this version, users are free and easy to experience trimming videos with perfectness to each moment. Moreover, choosing your own Thug Life moment and filters are also allowed with more than 40 new stickers to pimp video. It supports chains, glasses, hats and cigarettes, too. More interestingly, it is easy for you to move/scale/rotate stickers by dragging/pinching. Certainly, from the background, you can both use your devices and create videos coincidently.

Come to the current version 2.2.1 you are free to experience and create thug life videos in your thug way. Surely, your life will become more and more interesting and colorful with these thug life segments like them.

More excitingly, for Thug Life on iOS, iPhone, it has some new features such as 171 cool stickers, 37 Thug Life themes, makes straight outta photo memes, so on. Certainly, when experiencing the version on Mac/ iOS you will experience awesome features to create your own Thug Life Videos with various color, images, and text. Images are also supported for you to create, show your characteristics with this awesome apps.

thuglife creator

Download Thug Life video maker for PC

Wishing to experience this app on PC is not impossible, Microsoft supports a version which has the same features called Thug Life creator on Windows/ windows phone. This version is only available on Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile.

To make your own thug life video, select start and end frames, as well as music. Certainly, it allows you to customize music, zoom location, and caption location. “Saved pictures” to stores videos at your devices. Moreover, feel easy and free to upload to YouTube via Internet Explorer or another video uploader app.

However, with this version, it hasn’t supported cigars and sunglasses like Android version.

Don’t worry, now, you are free to enjoy the android version with full features on PC (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10)/ MacOS. Take a rest and I will show you step by step to download and use Thug Life video maker for PC.

I wonder whether your PC has an emulator software or not. If yes, using this app is easy as take a piece of cake. If your PC is available one of these software: Bluestack, AmiDous, just follow these bellowing steps to install and create impressive videos in your thug ways:

  1. Open that emulator on your PC.
  2. Search “Thuglife Video Maker”
  3. Install and open app.
  4. Enjoy and create thug life videos

If your PC is not available, you can also free to experience this funny app with some more steps:

  1.  Download an emulator software for PC.
  2. Allow running that program and install
  3. Open that emulator and do steps as I have said above.

I am sure that some of you will wonder how is it for Mac? The answer is Genymotion. It has the same features like Bluestack, so you can free to enjoy many other apps for MAC, especially Thug Life video makers. So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to experience fun app on PC. It is easier and more comfortable to enjoy with a wider screen and colorful display as on PC, isn’t it?

create thuglife offline

Well, another way I would like to introduce to all of you is download apk file for PC. Download Thug Life for PC becomes easier than ever with only three steps:

  1. Download Thug Life Video Maker for PC.
  2. Transfer it to your Android devices
  3. Open that file and allow installing, then enjoy that app.

Thug Life Video maker apk file will be a useful source for you, developers to install this app for many devices at the same time, which saves time and fixes the problem of connecting Internet or Google play.

Remember that this file allows install app for only android devices, so choose a reliable source of apk file.

Features of Thug Life Video maker

videos in thug ways

I am sure that the name of app “Thuglife video maker” gives us basic knowledge about features of this app. Like its name, this app allows users to create a video in thug ways. Now, let me tell you more about its awesome features:

  • Create a video with tons of stickers: you will feel so excited with stickers in thug life style which is available nowhere except for Thuglife video maker app. You will become boys and girls in cool styles, express the characteristics and create impressive images.
  • More than 35 thug songs are supported for this app: with numerous songs like that, you will have more choice to make your own music for videos. Certainly, videos are cooler if the music shows its messages.
  • Six editing modes will bring about interesting experience while making videos. You are free to move, cut, so on to get the final videos which you are satisfied with.
  • Nice effects are also features which make this app attract more and more users at different ages. You will be gangsters or cool girls with nice effects.

Of course, there are a lot of features which you can see while experiencing this app, so don’t hesitate to wonder this app, if you like thug life style or just want to change a new style, thug life will be one of the suitable choices for you.

How to use Thug Life Video Maker


If you are interested in using this app, don’t regret to spend some minutes

hug life maker

  1. Select an existing or record a new video: this means that you can edit either the available video on your devices or the new record video.
  2. Trim video to the perfect moment: choose the moment you want to edit. Remember that it allows you trim video to the max of 20 seconds, so try it on your way.

Tips for you at trim are that: you can set the quality to the lowest level if you mind the rendering will take a long time. Before you rotate, scale stickers.

  1. Edit your video to your desires:
  • Music for thug life is available, you also can create your own soundtrack by upload music to video. In fact, it doesn’t take time.
  • Write or create your own caption or text as you wish: there are some text for you to choose from the various Thug Life layers
  • The epic zoom and duration are free for you to set up, remember and do it.
  • Select among more than 40 stickers of Thug Life such as hats,  Thuglife sunglasses, cigarettes, so on to pimp
  1. Watch and share:

It is time you enjoy what you have done and shares that happiness with your friends and relatives easily via social apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and so on.

Follow this basic guideline will help you have the best experience and videos in ThugLife style.

Thug Life Video maker and Reviews

With the total installation up to 5000000, Thug Life Video Maker app get more and more good reviews and feedbacks from users at many different ages and in different countries. I believe that what others review about an app will be the useful source of information for new users to get the best experience while using this app. Let’s come and read some reviews on both Google Play and Itunes for this app. Thereby, you will have a better outlook on app and Thug Life:

“People Really smashed it..before downloading this app I am trying to make a thug life video on a video editor and it took almost 1 hour for me to make it…but with this app it took just 10-15 minutes with everything perfectly managed…there are some things you should have to add in this app like some more music and some effects for Glasses, Chain, Cigarette etc…” Ali Sahi

In addition to good reviews, it still exists some bad reviews and needs a solution to fix their problem like: “Your app is nice and easy to use, but when I select another song from my list it says the file is corrupted. Is there any way to fix it? Or any other way to load up the songs??” I believe that this problem is because of the type and size of that music file is not fit for this app, I recommend to use mp3 file or music file with a fit size, less than 5MB will be better.

For the problem of stopping working when opening the app, one of the common reasons is that your device is available for space which Thug Life requires, so sometimes, you should remove some underground running apps to boost phone and save battery.

For some users on IOS,( Thuglife maker for iPhone) sometimes, you will see a black video in sharing the screen, don’t worry about it. With this problem, it is very easy for you to fix, you just need to save that video to camera roll and then it will work fine. The problem just sometimes happens on iOS 10.0 and IOS 10.1, so with Ios 10.2, this problem will be fixed automatically. Therefore, don’t hesitate or wonder about the small problem. Everything will be fine after all.

It is time for you to show your characteristics or even just to change your old style, Thug Life will be the style of awesome and interesting features as well as experiences for users like you regardless of your age. If you have ever been jealous about one video of Thug Life which you had seen on Vine, you now are free to own a better video in this way. “uh Huh! This is my sh*t video” in seconds will be created and lead into a looping of something beating something in synch to the opening of Hollaback Girl. Feel free to combine images and videos in your way to creating the most impressive Thug Life videos. Suitable for almost ages, this app will breathe a new life into your experience and videos.

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